• How to restart a hanged android phone with a non-removable battery

    Many times your phone goes into a state when it is not responding to touch or any physical buttons. In that case, the only option is to remove the phone’s battery and plug it again to do a force restart. Nowadays performance is increasing, and the thickness is decreasing in phones. And as a result, […]

  • How to View and Save Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size

    Instagram continues to combine every feature possible; we have seen reels and merged messages in a recent update. While everyone is taking photos, you might just want to view someone’s profile picture or maybe save it on your device. Did you found someone on Instagram but aren’t sure because the face in the profile image […]

  • How to Install Cumulative Update CAB files on Windows 10

    What is a CAB file and why should you care? A .CAB file (cabinet) is a compressed archive that contains software installation files. This file type is commonly used by Microsoft Windows as it supports a number of compression algorithms, including ZIP, Quantum, and LZX. Windows’s updates come in form of .CAB files through Windows […]

  • How to Write 150% Faster with Voice Typing

    Did you know you can write up to 150% faster and more accurately without looking at your keyboard ever again? That’s right, with voice typing you can get a lot of help in writing long articles, essays, and reports. You can suppose that if you have some papers that you have to type on the […]

  • Fix RTX 3080, 3090 Fans Not Spinning 

    Your GPU runs on the full potential when you game or any graphic intensive task. There is literally nothing you can do to prevent it from heating (keep AIO equipped GPUs or underclocking aside). What you can do it to monitor the fans and ventilation to keep your hardware safe. Most GPU comes with built-in […]

  • Uninstall Edge Browser (Chromium) from Windows 10 2004

    Update 8/2020: While the Uninstall may work for some users, we now have added a tool that blocks Edge Chromium. Get it from sordum.org. Microsoft is in the transition to replace Edge Browser based on Chromium with the old HTML-based Edge Browser (Edge Legacy). When this is done, Edge will be next to impossible to […]

  • Get Windows 20H2 Start Menu in Windows 10 2004

    Windows 10 20H2 update is going to bring new uni-color start menu, but wait here is how to enable that on Windows 10 2004.

  • Hello People! we’re friendly

    July 2020 we are launching the Quicknol website, aimed to offer Tech Tutorials in a way that quickly solves your problems. This site will have 2 main categories, first is PC which covers Windows and articles related to your computer. The Internet category will cover articles related to internet tools and software. Some keynotes. Social […]