Motorola Android 11 Tracker: A list of phones getting Android 11 Update

Motorola, which is a mobile company, has released its list of phones where they said that Android 11 will be updated on these phones as well. If you have bought a Motorola Android phone in the last 1 year, then you are likely to get the update of Android 11 at the very extreme.

Along with this Motorola has stated that this update will also feature chat Bubbles, media controls, and improved user privacy which are core features of Android 11. And it is also being told that some phones of Motorola will also support the new desktop mode, although there is more information about it, you will see further, nothing is clear yet. But if it is the case, then we have to wait for more details, so I want everyone to keep an eye on it and wait for more and more information. In other words, we will have more information regarding this, as the name is already a subject for speculation. UPDATE! Now, there is an official statement that Moto 5G got this feature.

We will also be seeing a control panel where you can control smart devices connected to your phone just by tapping the power button.

Motorola also said Android 11’s release is also affected by partner sponsorship. Let’s hope we’ll see Motorola launching Android 11 quicker rather than later. There seems to be a huge list of phones needed to upgrade, but we’re still wishing Motorola will reach some from the list.

Android™ 11 OS update is expected to roll out on these Motorola smartphones starting in the coming months, pending partner support.

Motorola DevicesAndroid 11 Expected release date
motorola razr 5G2021
motorola razr 20192021
motorola edge2021
motorola edge+2021
motorola one 5G2021
motorola one action¹2021
motorola one fusion2021
motorola one fusion+2021
motorola one hyper2021
motorola one vision2021
moto g 5G2021
moto g 5G plus2021
moto g fast2021
moto g power2021
moto g pro2021
moto g stylus2021
moto g92021
moto g9 play2021
moto g9 plus2021
moto g9 power2021
moto g82021
moto g8 power2021
Lenovo K12 Note2021
Motorola devices that are getting Android 11 Update.

Watch this article for Android 11 ROM and guides for motorola devices. The list will be updates with Android 11 Stock ROMs.

Motorola blog post also reads phones that are not getting this update.

¹Excluding phones sold in the United States & Canada. Motorola one action launched on the Android One platform only in Latin America and Europe, excluding Russia, and received OS upgrades to Android 10 and will receive Android 11. Motorola one actions sold in the United States & Canada are not part of the Android One Platform and will not receive Android 11.